Viña Costeira S.C.G

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Cornelia Proca

Viña Costeira S.C.G. was founded in 1968 and has a history of 52 years of wine making. The group owns 3 wineries and makes wines in 3 different Appellations all of them in Galicia – DO Ribeiro (Viña Costeira and Pazo de Toubes wineries), DO Valdeorras (Viña Costeira winery in Larouco) and DO Rias Baixas (2 ha of vineyard and the brand is Via Barrosa Albariño). The most famous brand of the winery is the wine with the same name – Viña Costeira, followed by Modus Vivendi from Pazo de Toubes and Coleccion 68. Our wine Viña Costeira Ribeiro is the most sold White Galician wine in Spain and we are currently selling in about 25 countries.