Bodegas Terras Gauda

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Mar Dopazo Recamán

Terras (Land) Gauda (Happiness) was founded in 1990 by the Fonseca family in the southern-most region of Rías Baixas, O Rosal.
Considered to be one of Rías Baixas’ most emblematic wineries, Terras Gauda routinely produces award-winning white wines made solely from estate-grown fruit.
Many attribute the estate with being responsible for the advancement and development of the appellation as a whole, due to its sincere dedication to quality control and preserving the native grape varieties of Galicia.

The group also encompasses Pittacum in D.O. Bierzo and Quinta Sardonia in the Duero area, the most recent addition to the group founded by Peter Sisseck.
Pittacum is the result of the “savoir-faire” of generations of winemakers from Bierzo valley. 100% mencía complex wine.

Quinta Sardonia was born in 1998, but it is in 2002 when Peter Sisseck took the helm, (Pingus – Hacienda Monasteiro) and Jerome Bougnaud, in charge of both wine and the 17 hectares vineyard, nestled in Sardón del Duero (Valladolid), at the riberbanks of the Ribera del Duero. “Tempranillo” and six international varieties growing under biodynamic principles to achieve a perfect balance between soil, climate, vines, and natural environment .

2018 is when Terras Gauda lands in Rioja Orienta, adquiring the vineyard and winery Heraclio Alfaro, unique combination of Graciano, Garnacha in alluvial soils.