Official inauguration ceremony

Gonzalo Ortiz

Director General.

Presidente Cámara de Comercio

Rosa Quintana

Conselleira do Mar

Xunta de Galicia

Antonio Couceiro


Cámara de Comercio. A Coruña

Inés Rey


Ayuntamiento de A Coruña

Valentín González


Presidente de la Diputación de A Coruña

Fernando Guldrís

Director General IGAPE


7th Edition



27 and 28 October 2020



Cámara de Comercio de A Coruña

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Dear friend,

We are currently living in a context marked by a serious health and economic crisis, surrounded by the uncertainty of not knowing when we will have a solution that will allow us to resume activities in person while ensuring everyone’s safety. That is why we have taken the decision at the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña to hold the seventh edition of Exporpymes virtually on 27 and 28 October. Exporpymes is a well-known prestigious event, having promoted our products in more than 20 countries over the past six years. We are certainly not ready to give up on this commitment, and despite the uncertain times, we want to continue to support and guide our companies along their export journeys. The difficulties of the current situation are precisely what make this edition particularly relevant. We must all play a part in reviving business activities by searching for new approaches, and I believe that it is important to emphasize that we have invited importers from more than 30 countries and 4 continents which represent the food, drinks, construction materials, and machinery sectors, and are all very representative of Galicia’s export activities. The Chamber of Commerce wants to help Galician SMEs, known for being experts in combining innovation with tradition, to be more competitive and to increase their export capacity.  This is a strongly rooted mentality in our community as many Galician companies are highly aware that venturing out into international markets is an opportunity to consolidate their businesses and increase sales. In this sense, it is important to highlight the huge effort that Galician companies have made during these difficult times to increase their competitiveness and to become more international in the face of the new economic situation. The seventh edition of Exporpymes offers the chance to hold individual interviews with foreign and Galician businesspeople, to watch key note talks on internationalisation, and of course, to come together at a meeting point to resolve any doubts about internationalisation and/or market issues. We will be putting in the same amount of effort as in previous editions, if not more, and we hope to see you there. Thank you for your time,

Antonio Couceiro



What is Exporpymes?


The 7th Edition of Exporpymes, a business event to bring Galician companies and international markets together, will be held on 27 and 28 October 2020. It will be hosted virtually this year due to the special circumstances caused by COVID 19. Exporpymes 2020 is backed by the success of six previous editions. As in previous years, the Exporpymes programme is designed so that Galician companies taking part can make contact with as many import companies and international experts as possible. The 7th Edition of Exporpymes will be hosted on an online platform specifically designed for this purpose. Importers from more than 30 countries over 4 continents have been invited. The selected sectors are: food, drink, construction materials, and machinery. Framed within the International Promotion Programme (PIP), the event is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the City Council of A Coruña, and the Regional Government of Galicia through the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE) and the Ministry of the Sea (Consellería do Mar).  

Background information

The 6th edition of Exporpymes ended very positively with some gratifying statistics, as it has been estimated that the 200 Galician companies and 90 foreign importers and distributors taking part held around 2,500 direct interviews in the search of new opportunities, to close business deals, and to detail orders.  Many of these contacts resulted in export contracts, business orders, and company collaborations being confirmed on the same day of the event.

Galicia’s export capacity

The Galician economy and its export capacity

Galicia covers an area of 29,575 km2 and is home to 2,698,764 people. It generated a Gross Domestic Product of 64.87 billion euros in 2019, placing it among the top 6 economies in Spain in terms of GDP volume. It had a GDP per capita of 24,034 €, compared to 26,440 € for Spain as a whole. In 2019, Galicia had 11.32 billion euros of public debt, which equates to 17.5% of its GDP and 4,192 € of debt per inhabitant, making it the autonomous region with the second lowest level of debt per capita. Out of the total employed population (1,077,600 people in 2018), 72% work in the service sector, 16% in industry, 6% in the agricultural and fishing sector, and 6% in construction. According to the Labour Force Survey (EPA), Galicia had an unemployment rate of 12% which is lower than the national rate. As for the CPI data for Galicia, the annual variation rate in July 2020 was -0.7%, 0.3% lower than the rate in June. The most important sectors in the region based on evolution, positive development forecasts, and because they are deeply rooted in the Galician economy, include aeronautics, food and agriculture, audiovisual, automotive, biotechnology, logistics and transport, wood, machinery, shipbuilding, social and healthcare, and the ICT sector. Furthermore, the location of the Inditex group headquarters in the A Coruña metropolitan area is of particular relevance to the regional economy.

Galicia’s export capacity

Internationalisation is a driving force behind the Galician economy, and it provides a pathway for companies to grow and become more competitive. Galicia has a well-established position in foreign markets and a consolidated export capacity. Galician exports have increased steadily over the last 20 years, with an accumulated growth rate of 6.91%, 1.78 points greater than that of Spain as a whole. In 2019 Galician exports reached 22.20 billion euros, and there was a record number of 7,259 Galician export companies in 2018, an increase of 8.1% compared to 2017. In addition, 2,498 of these companies are regular exporters, meaning they have exported in the last four consecutive years, which is an increase of 3.5% from the previous year. The strength of Galicia’s export capacity comes down to the companies that actively search for opportunities abroad and to the Administration’s firm commitment to internationalisation, as demonstrated by the Xunta de Galicia’s strategy and by institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce, making it one of the Spanish regions with the greatest capacity for internationalisation. Galician SMEs also have significant export capacity, a factor which can contribute to making Galicia emerge better and earlier from the COVID-19 crisis compared to other regions. Galician exports reached a value of 8.65 billion euros from January to June 2020, representing a 17.7% year-on-year decrease, while the region’s trade balance had a surplus of 68.2%, reaching 1.18 billion euros.

*Sources: Igape, IGE, Expansión, La Voz de Galicia,

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27 and 28 October

Activities Programme


Individual interviews with Galician entrepreneurs and foreign entrepreneurs interested in their products, scheduled in advance.

Keynote talks on internationalisation topics that can be watched over the 2 days of the Exhibition.

Meeting point to resolve doubts about internationalisation issues and/or introduce markets.




Previous Editions

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